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Contest 03

So here is Contest 03 for you all.

Entries are due Sunday 17th June at Midnight EST.

[x] Please re-read the rules in the community info here.
[x] Find your challenges and images under the cut.
[x] Please adhere to LJ standards ie 100x100 and 40kb.

Actor Challenge
The Wildcats

All images thanks to VAO Gallery

Actor Challenge Rules
[x] Enter up to 2 icons.
[x] Use the images provided, or your own.
[x] Actor photo's must be out of character and feature 3 or more of the 'Wildcats'.
[x] Animation, text, brushes, blending and textures are allowed.

Screencap Challenge
The start of something new.

All screencaps thanks to capthat.net

Screencap Challenge Rules
[x] Enter up to 2 icons
[x] Use only the images provided.
[x] Animation, text, brushes and textures are allowed.

Have fun everyone and good luck!

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